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Life at Claremont Park

If you are interested in visiting the home then please call to arrange a time. Usually the Manager will show you around during office hours but you are welcome to visit out with these times if it is easier. One of our staff will welcome you and happily show you our home answering any questions you may have. If your loved one wishes to stay for tea to get a feel for the home they will be more than welcome to do so.

If you wish to secure a place for you or a loved one in our home then all you need do is inform the Manager (or the nurse in charge in her absence) and she will call you to discuss the next steps. Those who are self funding should apply to the local authority for free personal and nursing care. Those who are receiving funding assistance should also contact their social worker to inform them they would like to move to Claremont Park nursing home; your costs will be means tested and the local authority will decide how much you should pay towards the cost of your care. Your social worker will discuss arrangements with the Manager and may forward any relevant information with your consent. If you do not already have a social worker allocated to you then you should call your local social work department or social care direct on 0131 200 2324

The Manager will need to see the person seeking admission to carry out a dependency assessment. This involves chatting to you, your family or hospital staff, if you are in hospital, about the type of care you need every day so that you can decide together whether Claremont Park is the right place for you. Once this is complete arrangements can be made for your admission.

Before admission you or your relative will be asked to sign our residency agreement and will be given a copy for your information. On admission you will receive a welcome pack which gives you information about the home.

We understand there will be a transition period as you settle into your new home and our staff will be on hand to help you as much as they can; there is a nurse call system in all bedrooms and communal areas so that you can ring for attention. Within this time an individualised care plan will be made up documenting your care needs. We also make up a social care plan which details your social history and important life events as well as a summary of your basic care needs and preferences. You will be allocated a named nurse and keyworker who will be responsible for your care. After a few weeks your social worker will meet with you, your family and the staff to discuss how things are going, if all is well then you can decide that you want to stay permanently.

If you need to go into hospital for a period of time your room will be kept for you. We will only give up your room on your instruction.

Although there are some routines in any care home we aim to be as flexible as possible. If you wish a long lie in the morning this is fine. If you wish to stay up late this is also fine. Our residents don’t live where our staff work, our staff work in our residents’ home and will endeavour to make it as homely as possible.

Claremont Park Nursing Home is operated by Claremont Park Ltd